“Search the Lord’s book, and read it.”
~ Isaiah 34:16a, GW

Frustrated with your Bible reading?
● Not sure where to start?
● Can’t find a plan that works for you?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” you’re not alone. For many, the scope of most daily Bible reading plans is just too much. They can’t keep up or end up reading so much that they have no time to simply enjoy, ponder, and respond to God. Bible reading becomes just a “box to check” or a feat for the religious elite. Clearly, this isn’t what God intended. To help, we created The Soldier Code Bible Reading Plan. Here’s how it works:

Old Testament: 1 chapter, 6 days a week
New Testament: 1 chapter, 5 days a week

Rest on the Seventh Day

In 1 year:  Read the New Testament 1x
In 3 years:
Read the Old Testament 1x

We love The Soldier Code Bible Reading Plan, and think you will too! It’s easy to follow, ideal for young or mature believers, and allows time for meditation and deeper study. Of course, the most successful Bible reading happens in groups, as we’re doing spiritual family with others—discussing the reading, sharing prayer needs, and encouraging one another. So, pause and ask the Lord to bring some people to mind who could join you.

Next, drop us a line through the CONTACT tab above, and share your experience with The Soldier Code Bible Reading PlanWe’d love to hear your story!

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Grace, Mercy, & Peace,
Duncan & Ralana

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