Incorporated in the state of Texas, Sentinel was founded in 2021 to advance the Christian Faith by providing biblical, historical, and cultural teaching, tools, products and resources through live events and all forms of media. As a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission can be summed up in three words:


It’s no secret: western society is battling for its very soul across lines of culture, demographics, race, and more. Signs are everywhere. Addiction, fatherlessness, crime, depression, anxiety, suicide, and more have reached epidemic levels. A myriad of studies, however, now show that faith and active practices of it bear deep impacts on our minds, bodies, and quality of life. Christ’s message of hope, peace, grace, and love has never been more relevant. A weary world and embattled believers desperately need to hear it!


All too often these days, spiritual gatherings are big on coffee and connecting, but lean on actual equipping—solid biblical tools, resources, and wisdom which outfit Christ-followers to grow in their walk with God and navigate life’s many challenges. At Sentinel, we believe Christians should never have to choose between these two, and our events, media, and other products reflect this core value. After all, the biblical definition of “equip” means to not only “prepare”, but “join together”.


History and culture have always played a central role, not only in shaping society for better or worse, but God’s own approach to education. By giving people a look into past civilizations and empires, an understanding of where they are now and what the future holds happens effortlessly. Life directions and entire destinies have been altered the world over — all because men and women stopped to “ask the people of past generations” and “find out what their ancestors had learned.” (Job 8:8-10, GW)